Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blah Blah BLAH!!

ok so yeah, i'm not feeling good at all. and it's christmas for my rl job..i work for UPS..so yeah. I am all tired and stressed out. getting cussed out everyday soo does not help, and if my booty doesn't have her coffee..well it ain't pretty!! anywhos. i am sorry for not getting something up until now. my rl has just become soo hetic!! hopefully. I will be able to get something atleast if not before christmas after christmas..I have all kinds of awesome hunt goodies, and some things I got from Blur, cuz she is awesome <3 that I just haven't done cuz i feel like crapola. But expect my blogs to be kinda few and far between. because i am traveling after christmas to see the hubby (WOOT!) and to see my family up north. but hey..if I can blog while up in an airplane I soo freakin am yo!! haha!! oh! and i think you all should bugg my sis Teagan..she needs to put a blog out..like yesterday!! haha! I love you all! thank you for understanding, and I am so so sorry nothing but this crap has gone up yet..like this is a giant rant almost..please still lovers meh?

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