Thursday, December 23, 2010


Bra: Luck inc~Cutieh Undie Corset: Luck Inc~ Lust in Croco Stompy Boots: AVZ~Wrapped Jeans: VStore~Black Jeggings Belt: Mandala~Mikoto Tattoo: Para Designs~Circus Aquarium
Hair: Magika~Dara Ears: PE~Elflorn Eyes: Lithium~Creation::Death Mask Piercing: HOD~Agony

Sooo ok, i was able to post a blog tonight!! WOO!!! haha i've been in like a crazy awesome stompy type of phase recently..don't ask why. I think it's cuz i was always a little my style and what not..even irl.who knows!! haha But i do know i am working on trying to be a dj in sl, so yeah HAHAHA!! But ANYWHOOLZES!!! I bought some new things, I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! my eyes they are soo awesome and creepy, just love them to death....haha get it death??..oh didn't...well that stinks =P but yeah the creature does some awesome eyes, and I am about to gobble up some more sometime today!! woot!!! I hope all of your lovely's out there in the sl world..or rl world. Have a wonderful christmas! I have to work tomorrow night poo =[ soo i will try to put up a christmas bloggie blog blog on maybe..umm christmas??

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