Thursday, December 23, 2010


Bra: Luck inc~Cutieh Undie Corset: Luck Inc~ Lust in Croco Stompy Boots: AVZ~Wrapped Jeans: VStore~Black Jeggings Belt: Mandala~Mikoto Tattoo: Para Designs~Circus Aquarium
Hair: Magika~Dara Ears: PE~Elflorn Eyes: Lithium~Creation::Death Mask Piercing: HOD~Agony

Sooo ok, i was able to post a blog tonight!! WOO!!! haha i've been in like a crazy awesome stompy type of phase recently..don't ask why. I think it's cuz i was always a little my style and what not..even irl.who knows!! haha But i do know i am working on trying to be a dj in sl, so yeah HAHAHA!! But ANYWHOOLZES!!! I bought some new things, I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! my eyes they are soo awesome and creepy, just love them to death....haha get it death??..oh didn't...well that stinks =P but yeah the creature does some awesome eyes, and I am about to gobble up some more sometime today!! woot!!! I hope all of your lovely's out there in the sl world..or rl world. Have a wonderful christmas! I have to work tomorrow night poo =[ soo i will try to put up a christmas bloggie blog blog on maybe..umm christmas??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blah Blah BLAH!!

ok so yeah, i'm not feeling good at all. and it's christmas for my rl job..i work for yeah. I am all tired and stressed out. getting cussed out everyday soo does not help, and if my booty doesn't have her coffee..well it ain't pretty!! anywhos. i am sorry for not getting something up until now. my rl has just become soo hetic!! hopefully. I will be able to get something atleast if not before christmas after christmas..I have all kinds of awesome hunt goodies, and some things I got from Blur, cuz she is awesome <3 that I just haven't done cuz i feel like crapola. But expect my blogs to be kinda few and far between. because i am traveling after christmas to see the hubby (WOOT!) and to see my family up north. but hey..if I can blog while up in an airplane I soo freakin am yo!! haha!! oh! and i think you all should bugg my sis Teagan..she needs to put a blog yesterday!! haha! I love you all! thank you for understanding, and I am so so sorry nothing but this crap has gone up this is a giant rant almost..please still lovers meh?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


ok, so i have been a really bad blogger recently..but the reason is because my rl work is making me soo busy, and with christmas. getting a new care package over to the hubby in time for christmas and what not. All making me tired and really sleepy. So i am going to try to get a new blog up by sunday!! i've just been in a really blah bloggers block type of mood! sorry everyone!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Outfit: League-Burlesque Rose Plum   Hair: Truth-Alannah   MakeUp: B[u]YME-set1A

Soo yeah..since i saw the new Burlesque Movie a few weeks ago i have been like dancing to the soundtrack!! HAHA! It's a freakin awesome movie..i tell all of you to GOGOGOGOGO NOW!!! I FINALLY found a good burlesque outfit..soo had to do it! enjoy my lovely's!! <3

P.S. OH! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME REACH 100 VIEWS!! lets go for 200!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Tattoo: Lunck Inc.-Wraps Hair: Ploom-Vin Makeup: Beemann-Feather 2 Scarf:League-Vintage Shirt: League-Grandad Vest Suspenders: League-Granddad braces Skirt: League-Thermal Stockings:League-Side-Gartered Shoes: Miel-Far boots

So Congrats to me for FINALLY getting out a post right?! haha my rl has just been soo BUSY! you guys ahve no idea how much!! But i decided to do some well worth shopping today and I came out with this outfit. I hadn't been to league in a while and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!! her stuff, like amazing-sauce!!! The scarf i got there is for fifty Linden firdays! so HURRY HURRY HURRY! and gets it!! and the Eyes-Makeup I got is from Beemann the cutest store ever!! I lovers it's to death!! Muah Blur!! <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm BAD!

I know, i haven't posted in a while, well the reason is because I have been working my booty off IRL for christmas, and doing a crap ton of christmas shopping too. takes up most of my time. But i am going to try to get a post out tonight..hopefully. If i don't pass out before hand! haha! Sorreh my lovely's for leaving you in the dark! <3

Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple Girl

Hair:(Dernier Cri) Paige Face-ness:[Plastik] Soul Ink Necklace:[Addict] Love and peace&Treasure peacock Dress:Willow Floral Dress Shoes:[N] Moccasins

Simple outfit i put together. The hair I got at the 111 event..which btw, is hella expensive. but i was in the shopping mood! haha!! I hadn't heard of willow before where i got the dress, but yeah. new customer right here! <3
p.s. I know i've been wearing those bracelets all the time..but i lovers them <3

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

kawaii ^.^

Hair: Ploom-Boa II Head-ness: Canimal-Blingphones Face-ness: Beemann-Facepaint 3 Ciggie: *S.D.* neck: [Plastik]-RecluseCollar Bra: [Plastik]-Valerian Shirt: Canimal-Corset Skirt: Canimal-FooFoo TuTu Legs:Canimal-WildOne leggings Pose: Beeman

So this is an outfit I kinda put together, reminds me of some of the styles in tokyo! which I am moving to japan in like 4 months OMFG NUWAY!! Soo excited!! but i has bad new peepie peeps! Canimal is closing *sniffles* So everything is like 50L or under! GOGOGO!! grabs and gets!! I gots most of my cute-ness there! enjoy lovelys! <3

Monday, November 29, 2010


hair:[LeLutka] Tia Face-ness: Beemann-FaceRash 3 Coat: *Bellies* Pea Coat Pants: AJA-Shredded Heart Boots: KAO Suede Fringe Scarf: AJA-Neck Warmer

Soo it's been soo cold where i am this week! Burr! So i thought i would do an early winter outfit, since it is technically still fall! hehe This picture was taken at Mai house!! i am making all winter wonderland there!! hehe Hope you all love this <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hair: (Posh) Wednesday  Lashes: [Atomic] Desire  Collar: Plastik Recluse Collar  Dress: ID Ribcage Dress Socks: League Thermal Stockings

This dress is a preview of my sisters and I new store!! I am soo excited!! AHHHH!! The store is called Insatiably Dead. We are still setting everything up, and doing AD's which are a pain in the BOOTY! Let me tell ya!! HAHA! I hope you guys all enjoy!! and check back on more updates on when the store official opens!! But you can find the stuffz we gots out on the Marketplace!! WOOT WOOT!! Bye for now my lovelys <3

Dirty Beat

Hair:(Dernier Cri) Keya   Eyes:-V- Infectious/Putrid   Tattoo: ::::IrUrU:::: fleurs du mal    Necklace:(Yummy) Chained Heart     Bracelets: LOULOU&CO French kiss     Shirt:KHUSH Filthy beat    Pants: KHUSH Zip leggings    Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops

Sooo! see told you guys!! I came back on saturday! HAHA I have a few other goodies i gots! XD so look for more updates!! <3

beatle weatle??

Sooo..yeah I am still going to do a post tonight it might be late today..but still today!! I had such a good thanksgiving!! I hope you all did too!! I ate my weight in turkey i think...boy oh boy! hit the gym this week!! I just wanted to post this is say sorry the post is gonna be late with my fashion fashion style! HAHA! I've been SOO BUSY with RL. As none of you know (but your soo gonna know now!) I am married IRL to the most AMAZING-SAUCE MAN who is in the airforce, he is deployed right now (sniffles) soo i've been talkin it up with him all day, and getting gifts from him in the mail!! (GOT MY FIRST COACH!) hehe he's awesome..if you didn't hear me say it before. Soooo..this is the first post, another will come laters. i swear!! I SWEAR!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi, hello, Hola!
Soo yeah, cuz of the holidays and work irl I am gonna be kinda busy. So i wont be able to post anything possibly until saturday sometime. I love you all..the few what 20 people who even read this? haha
thanks for understanding <3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Like my Mustache?

Hair:Lamb Honey Shirt: K&CO I love a good stache Pants: [N] classic slim fit lowrise denim Arm: *Boom* Bangled Mess Gunmetal Necklace: (Yummy) Heart Window Pose: Beemann Emotional

 Eyes: -V- Rainbow Face: Beemann Sharpie Mustache

Soo I got these cute mustache things and just HAD to post something on them!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! the store beemann!! Such cute things there, from poses, to the little mustache on mai face!!!! The owner is pretty darn cutesy herself!! Go take a look everybody! <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hair: Lamb babys on fire skin: LAQ Shirt:[N] draped neck cozy knit Pants:[N] Super Skinny jeans Shoes:[N] moccasins Necklace: (yummy) winged heart

I went shopping today since I lost my land, i kinda has nothin else to do. and I found some pretty neat stores that I just want to NOM NOM up everything!!! <3
P.S. My Sissy is going to be blogging like me too! i am soo excited! YAY!!

Sunny Dress

Skin-LAQ Tessa2 Mocha
Shape- by me!
Makeup-[Plastik]-soul ink half lash
Dress- Tiny bird St.Augustine
Bracelet-[Skream!]dont mess&better than you
Socks-*league*thermal stockings in grey
Most i already posted! on the first blog! look up my lovelys!! haha! I am all sorts of crazy today!*runs around and screams like a crazy person*

Friday, November 19, 2010


So this is my first blog post! everyone give me hi5 for doing this <3

Skin-*League* Dark-taylor-BlackIce
Nails-*Sexy Mamas* Geeks&Freaks
Eyes--V- Digi carousel
Piercing--V- Anit You
Ear-::GAUGED:: Screwdriver Elf Ear
Face-Beemann facepaint 2
Tattoo-Para Designs-Butterfly Medley
Hair-Tiny Bird-I want to be well (50L friday)
[Addict] Love and Peace
[Addict] Treasure Peacock
KAO: Suede Fringe Boots
Tiny Bird-Painted Flower dress